digital Design

Tootoonchi Chiropractic is a leader in health care committed to bringing patients a better life experience through a combination of skills and expertise that span the entire chiropractic wellness spectrum.


The goal of this project was to establish a voice for the Tootoonchi Chiropractic brand and apply it to an introductory email. After meeting with the owners it was clear the heart behind the business was a genuine desire to help people live full pain-free lives. Using the established voice, I designed an email to build relationship with patients by acknowledging their general feelings of overwhelm, exhaustion, discomfort and helplessness. The intended message is a sensitive and mindful "we can help you and here's how we do it".

To visually support this message, I curated images that spoke to the core patient directly and metaphorically. The main visual take away in a word is overwhelmed. The color palette supports the light hearted, honest and open nature of the doctors and staff. Additionally, it signals that Tootoonchi Chiropractic is a safe place to receive medical care.